Bat Hotel

A home from home cannot only be found in the VILA VITA Anneliese Pohl in Seedorf by nature-enthusiast holidaymakers but also bats. On the 7-hectare estate experts carried out inventory checks on the numbers of birds, amphibians, reptiles and bats before the start of the building of the holiday village. We were made aware of the large bat population made up of seven different types: Pipistrelles, Soprano Pipistrelles and Nathhusius Pipistrelle, Leisler bats, Common long-eared bats and Natterer's bats.

After all the protective regulations had been implemented we wanted to do more and so our 'Bat Hotel' came into existence. A cellar covered with earth serves as winter quarters, which during the cold period of the year providing frost-free conditions. For the summer we have many especially built wooden-boxes secured in the treetops for the animals. Bats are active at night and feed on night-active insects. Because of the large number of lakes and small areas of water the basic supply of food for bats in the region around the Plauer Lake is particularly large. In order provide even better conditions plants such as the Red Campion, the Evening Primrose or real Soapwart were planted and these make for an optimal habitat.

The subject bats is highly topical: The UN Environmental Protection Programme (UNEP) and the European Bat Agreement EUROBAT S have declared the year 2012 as 'The year of the bat'. This is one more good reason for concerning ourselves with these unique kinds of animals.

Guests to the VILA VITA Annelies Seedorf have a good chance of experiencing the bats live. During a walk at night down on the lake it is possible to spot the hunting bats low-flying in the light of a torch beam.